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by Harvey Bierman posted 06/12/2018

Soccer Betting Guide

To some people, soccer betting means fun, and to others, it's a means of making money. Notwithstanding which lot you belong to, you have to understand and master the basic rules and strategies to use in soccer betting. It is one of the most popular types of bet across the globe due to the large following that the sport commands. But what is soccer betting? Read our soccer betting tips.

Betting is placing a stake (usually money) to predict an outcome of a sport. Soccer betting, therefore, involves placing a wager on the prediction of the outcome of a soccer game. For you to participate in soccer betting you have to understand the basics in soccer; like how long a soccer a game lasts, how many sessions are in the soccer time frame stipulated and how long each session last. A standard soccer game lasts ninety minutes and is split into two halves of 45 minutes each.

The following are the basic types of soccer betting:

  • FT (full time) - in soccer betting, there are three main categories for a ninety minute game: home win that is, the hosting team wins and is usually denoted by 1. Draw, denoted by X, when the outcome is a tie. Lastly, away win which as the name suggests is a win for the visiting team and is denoted by 2.
  • HT (half time) - just like in full time, you can bet home, draw or away win at the end of the forty five minutes.
  • CS (correct score) - this is where you predict the correct score at the end of either half time or full time.
  • Live betting - this is where the fun in soccer betting is seen. You predict the outcome as you enjoy the game. You have the freedom of predicting any possible outcomes, live, as the game proceeds. These include predicting even immediate outcomes such as, which side will score next, which player will score, etc.

By now, you should have already known that betting is no walk in the park. You'll lose some, and gain some. Just like any other risk taking venture, winning can't be guaranteed but the risks can be diversified. One way of doing this is placing wagers on two possible outcomes e.g. home win or draw (1X). As much as the odds will be low, the risks will also be low.

Multi-bets on the other hand, promising as they look, are high risk bets. This is because, for you to win a multi-bet, you have to correctly predict all the soccer games. In the case where one prediction is incorrect, the bet is void hence you lose your money.

Have prior knowledge on what you are betting on. Make an effort to gather information on the teams you are betting on e.g. their history on performance.

Greediness is one thing to avoid in soccer betting. After you win, relax. Temptations will be there like, "after all this is not my money" so once you've received your money after winning a bet, withdraw the money you had initially placed. Learn to quit while you are ahead.

Soccer betting is highly addictive, so participate with caution.

Always remember you cannot mix gambling and drinking as this can proof catastrophic to your wallet. Research has proven time and again that alcohol impairs your judgement, which means you won't make betting decisions in your clear mind.

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